SO, unfortunately, we cannot get out the Crumpled paper as soon as planned. Our goal was to get it out by the week before midterms/finals. But, it is still our first year, and the Crumpled paper will be out as soon as possible. It will most probably be out in the week right after Winter break! We want to get the Crumpled Paper printed in color but if not, we will have an online version in color. So either way, it will work out. Good luck with Finals, and look forward to the first edition of The Crumpled Paper!
Star bringger
3/23/2012 00:42:18

When does the 2nd issue come out?

Crumpled Paper Staff
4/6/2012 05:18:01

Very soon! In about 1 or 2 weeks from now. :)

Star bringger
5/17/2012 01:06:45

It is still not out and I've pre-paid.

4/3/2012 11:37:24

I would like to know as well...


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