So far, we are working on the guidelines for submission and there is going to be one set for all of the departments. We're not sure when we'll start taking submissions. Once we do, send them to: There are quite few departments: Short stories, humor, poetry, essays, and photography/artwork. We are hoping to publish our first edition right before midterms. Keep on working on your submissions!
I know some people are still wondering if they can join. My best answer would be: ASK THE TEACHERS! They are: Mr. Drayton (124), Mr. Bernhart (304), & Mr. Sebek (211). They probaby wouldn't mind. You can still join, but likely not as any kind of editor.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please comment!
If you need to know anything about the anthology ("The Crumpled Paper") or have any suggestions, it is encouraged that you ask it in the comments below.

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