This is definitely still in its testing stage. It would be an easy way to discuss new things about the anthology without people outside the club knowing it (unless they somehow get the URL for this page). This page is essentially just a suggestion I have. If everyone actually uses this, communication would be a little easier. Right now, I'm not adding anything important here because nobody, not even the anthology members, would know this place until I tell them or someone from the Website Committee checks the "Pages" tab.

If we got a password-protected page instead, then we would have to buy "pro" for Weebly, which I don't think neither the teachers nor the members will want to do. Anyway, since there's nothing here right now, just look around the other things in the site if you haven't already (likely you have).
Claire Zheng
5/15/2012 07:12:06 am

Are we allowed to sprinkle quotes around the magazine?

Michelle Nguyen
10/9/2012 11:11:41 am

That would be cool. :)

10/30/2012 10:44:37 am

Would humerous art count as humor or art?


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